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Looking for a new challenge?
We're here to help! 

Job Seekers

"Finding a job is a full-time job" - an old, but true, adage. 

Hanton's understand how difficult it can be to find your next role, or plan your career move. It can be a daunting process, the effects of which can have significant impact on our entire future.  


Hanton's consultants take our involvement in this process seriously. We strive to provide the highest standards of professionalism as we guide you along your path by providing:

  • Initial consultation to examine in-depth your background, and how you feel you would like your career to progress

  • Identify your core skills and career requirements - creating a plan of action that will help to meet your needs. 

  • Provide market and organisation information

  • CV formatting

  • Interview tips and techniques

  • Guidance through the interview process

  • Negotiation of salary and package on your behalf

  • Follow up meetings to ensure any questions or queries you may have regarding the interview process and position are handled effectively. 

Registering with Hanton's also provides priority access to our recruitment mandates and extensive network of organisations. 

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Canary Wharf London

Tamsin was a Talent Acquisition Consultant at GatenbySanderson when I met her as a candidate. She coached me through the process, providing me with all the information and support I needed. What I appreciated about Tamsin was that she is a true divergent and creative thinker. I was applying for a role within Diversity & Inclusion, but my background industry was completely different from what I was applying for. Tamsin saw my talent and the potential in me and championed me where she could. We had numerous conversations where she put me at ease, gave me confidence, and showed me that she understood the position I was in. I can't imagine I was the most straightforward choice, but Tamsin saw my passion, knowledge and ambition. Demonstrating a real understanding of Diversity & Inclusion, she helped me to remove any barriers that would have hindered my recruitment process. It felt great to have her in my corner. And I got the job! Thank you Tamsin, Jade x


You have been the best recruiter I worked with and I would love to bring potential candidates your way if you have open roles! 

- ESG Advisor. 

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